Setting Up a Bakery from Scratch

If you’re starting a brand new bakery for the first time, you could probably do with a few useful pointers.

To get you going, here’s a 20 point step by step guide covering most of the essential things that you need to address when establishing a bakery business:

  1. Decide What Type of Bakery You Want to Set Up
  2. Create a Business Plan for the Bakery You Envisioned
  3. Get the Financing Necessary for the Proposed Pan
  4. Choose a Name for the Bakery and Company
  5. Incorporate the Company to Run the Business
  6. Hire the Baker, Chef and Main Team Members
  7. Find the Location for the Business Premises
  8. Negotitate and Sign the Lease for the Property
  9. Apply for the Necessary License and Permits
  10. Design the Corporate Identity and Marketing Material
  11. Purchase or Lease all the Equipment of the Business
  12. Confirm the Interior Design and Decoration Plans
  13. Get the POS Hardware and Software Set Up
  14. Select a Financial Management Software
  15. Hire a Business Manager and other Support Staff
  16. Confirm all the Menu Items, their Costing and Pricing
  17. Conduct a Menu Tasting Session with Potential Customers
  18. Test all the Kitchen, Technical and Computer Equipment
  19. Do a Trial Run with the Kitchen and Service Staff
  20. Open the Bakery and do a Live Test with Real Customers

Got a question or suggestion to add to the list above? Please share your feedback in the comments section.

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